Frequently Asked Questions

The Rhombus Gold opportunity”

Q: How long has the Rhombus Gold opportunity been available?

A: For retail purchasers about 2 years in August 2018. However, for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth purchasers approaching 5 years.

Q: Is the Rhombus Gold opportunity an investment?

A: No, it is an ‘advance purchase” of gold, in return for a fixed discount /profit at the end of the 3 month “cycle” of 6%. Think of it like buying an antique or work of art, which you hope to profit from when you sell it. The only difference is that both the period of ownership and the profit is fixed.

Q: Are Rhombus Gold purchasers affected by the market price of gold (which can go up and down)?

A: No, not at all. The Rhombus Gold opportunity is specifically designed to allow gold to be purchased without being exposed to the risk of market price fluctuations. it is an ‘advance purchase” of gold, in return for a fixed discount /profit at the end of the 3 month “cycle” of 6%.

Q: What is the purchase and sale period?

A: Referred to as “the golden cycle” by Rhombus Gold, the fixed purchase and sale period is 3 months from the date Rhombus Gold receive cleared purchase funds.

Q: What are the options at the end of the 3-month purchase and sale period?

A: At the end of the 3-month cycle, purchasers have a number of options…listed here in the order of popularity…. (1) re-purchase with their capital and profit, (2) re-purchase with capital and take back profit, (3) take back capital and profit or (4) take physical of the gold that they have purchased.

Q: When can additional purchases ( or top up’s) be made?

A: Referred to as “the golden cycle” by Rhombus Gold, the fixed purchase and sale period is 3 months from the date Rhombus Gold receive cleared purchase funds.

Q: If purchasers decide that they want to take their profit or capital back, how long does it generally take for them to receive this?

A: Rhombus Gold work to an average of 30 days following maturity / the end of the relevant purchase and sale cycle, to return any profit and/or capital. However, Rhombus do ask for as much notice as possible, as they have to sell gold to return funds to you. Please also bear in mind that funds will come to your nominated bank account via international SWIFT payment, which is variable in time frames.

Q: Is it up to purchasers to communicate with Rhombus Gold at the end of every 3-month purchase and sale cycle?

No, your consultant will liaise with you a few weeks before the end of each purchase and sale cycle and ensure that Rhombus Gold know what you want to do. The relationship with Rhombus Gold will be hassle free for you.

Q: When can additional purchases (or top up’s) be made?

A: Referred to as “the golden cycle” by Rhombus Gold, the fixed purchase and sale period is 3 months from the date Rhombus Gold receive cleared purchase funds.

Q: Can purchasers view their Rhombus Gold accounts online?

A: Yes of course, all Rhombus Gold purchasers have access to their on back office (called their “gold vault”) from which they can view each 3-month purchase and sale cycle, invoices for gold purchased, amounts of gold purchased, profits paid etc. In addition, should purchasers wish to change the bank account nominated to receive profit and /or capital, they can do so online.

Q: How can Rhombus Gold afford to offer purchasers a fixed 6% profit?

A: Put simply, since the global credit crisis of 2007/2008 Gold Mines have found it increasingly difficult to borrow from traditional banks. Rhombus Gold provide specialist short term funding to the Gold Mines and in return they have negotiated a substantial discount against the spot (market) price for un-refined gold, which when refined generates a substantial profit, part of which is passed on to Rhombus Gold purchasers (in the form of the fixed 6% profit).

Q: How are Rhombus Gold purchaser’s funds protected?

A: Funds are sent to a blocked bank account and can only be released to complete the purchase when the bank officer has sight of a certificate from the Gold Refinery confirming refined gold of the required quantity is ready to be delivered.

Rhombus Gold – the Key Stakeholders

Q: Who mines the gold?

A: Brahmin Metals holds concessions for the extraction of gold and maintains all licensing requirements of the relevant jurisdiction. For more information see

Q: Who refines the gold?

A: All unrefined gold is delivered to Kaloti Precious Metals for refining, authentication and certification. For more information see

Q: Who delivers the gold?

A: All shipments are managed by the internationally renowned and respected security specialists Brinks, who are retained by Rhombus Gold to provide secure and insured transportation throughout the world. For more information see

Q: Which bank do Rhombus Gold use?

A: Rhombus Gold have a banking partnership (including multi-currency blocked accounts for purchaser funds) with one of the top banks in the UAE (The National Bank of Fujairah). NBF are a very large profitable and respected bank in the UAE with 2017 operating income of AED 1.4 billion and profit of AED 913.6 million. For further information, see

Eligibility & Purchase Process

Q: Who can ‘advance purchase’ Rhombus Gold?

A: If you are over 18 years old, have your own bank account and can prove your identity, then you can advance purchase from Rhombus Gold.

Q: What application forms are needed?

A: A simple one-page purchase form, plus a copy of your photo ID (passport or driving licence) and copy proof of address (eg. recent utility bill). Your Consultant will help you take care of everything.

Q: What currencies can be used to purchase from Rhombus Gold?

A: Rhombus Gold have established multi-currency banking arrangements. Purchases can therefore be made in GBP, EURO’s and US Dollars.

Q: What is the minimum purchase from Rhombus Gold?

A: The minimum starting purchase is £1000, $1000 or Euro 1000. However, the typical starting purchase is £5000. Subsequent purchases ( or top-up’s) can be made in £1000 tranches.

Q: Do purchasers have to send any forms or copy documents in the post?

A: No, copies by email to your Consultant are all that is required.

Q: What happens after a Rhombus Gold purchase form (with ID documents) is submitted?

A: Rhombus Gold will check your ID and proof of address and then set up your unique account and online back office. Purchasers then receive an email to allow them to log on to their online account, set their password and view the purchase invoice which has to be referred to when sending funds.

Q: How do purchasers correctly send funds to buy Rhombus Gold?

A: The purchase invoice (viewable in the purchasers Rhombus Gold online back office) contains everything that is needed to correctly send funds to Rhombus Gold. Specifically, the bank account details for GBP, USD and Euro, along with the Invoice reference, which must be quoted on the online banking payment reference (eg. John Smith Inv Ref 123456). Your consultant will help you with the process and make sure that funds are sent correctly.

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